Mid-Rise Timber Buildings

A Mid-Rise building is typically apartments, hotels and office buildings from three to eight storeys (25m effective height) and changes to the National Construction Code in 2016 meant timber framing and massive timber systems could be used for these structures.

There are the environmental benefits of using timber in mid rise construction and these are broadly addressed on the Benefits of timber page.

Other benefits of midrise timber construction is that it is typically 25% fast than traditional forms of construction. Studies have also found significant health benefits with Mid-Rise Timber Buildings with improved work efficiencies and fewer sick days.

Cost savings are typically made up in preliminaries with the levels going up faster and subsequent trades able to work on lower levels immediately, not having to wait for the formwork and propping to be stripped.

Timber members will generally be fabricated offsite, virtually eliminating onsite waste through the structural phase.  Labour is cheaper when working with timber and of course the cost of the raw material is cheaper.

Timber structure in midrise construction could be made up from a combination of one or all of the following elements, CLT Panels for wall, floor or roof, GL and LVL Beams, Floor Trusses and I Joists, prefabricated wall panels.

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