Products & Services

Truss and Frame

FRAMELINK are manufacturers and merchants of prefabricated walls, joists, floor and roof trusses aiming to help you find the most efficient onsite framing solution.

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Need chippies to erect your timber frame? No problem! Full Structural Timber Carpentry teams are available as a standalone service or can be packaged with a FRAMELINK timber frame.

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Owner Builder

If you are an Owner Builder you might feel that the structural framing stage of the building process presents the greatest challenge, if so let FRAMELINK help.

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Benefits of Timber

As a tree grows it sucks carbon from the atmosphere and stores it in its trunk and the soil …. forever. All the timber used by FRAMELINK is sourced from Plantations.

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Mid-Rise Timber Buildings

Changes to the NCC in 2016 meant timber framing systems could be used for structures on buildings from three to eight stories high.

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Tenders and ECI

Early Contractor Engagement is the best way for you to achieve the most efficient structural solution on your project. Call FRAMELINK before you go to tender to find out why.

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At Framelink we are passionate about timber in construction. Managing Director Ashley Badcock began his journey over 25 years ago as a residential framing carpenter and work in various capacities in both the residential sector and commercial construction before founding FRAMELINK in 2019. “So we are able to provide full timber and structural solutions on any scale of project we have very deliberately surrounded ourselves with an abundance of resource and continue to develop and grow our networks.” Our passion is for timber in construction and loyalty to each other as a team, and with that the biggest beneficiary becomes you, the client.